Caring For Creation Resources In The Climate Change Action Kit From Australian Religious Response To Climate Change (ARRCC)


If action on climate change is an integral part of responding to the Gospel message today, this needs to be reflected in the liturgical life of the Church.

The sermon or homily is potentially especially important for inspiring believers to become actively engaged, by helping people understand what the Bible teaches us about Creation, our relationship to it, and how this is interrelated with our connection to God. When people understand the biblical basis for caring for Creation, it can give them a framework to hang their understanding of God’s world on. There are many sample sermons/homilies available online that you or your church leader can use directly, or as a starting point.

General theological resources



  • Laudato Si’ : On Care for Our Common Home Encyclical Letter of the Holy Father Francis  St Pauls Pub 2015
  • Charles Rue: Eucharist and Laudato Si 2017 and Let the Son Shine 2009 from Columban Publications
  • Sean McDonagh: To Care for the Earth 1986 and The Greening of the Church 1990
  • Barry Leal: The Environment and Christian Faith St Paul 2004

Resources From ARRCC

The ARRCC website provides a number of tools help you and your church take practical action together.

General Advocacy Resources

There are many statements by Church leaders on Christian theologies around caring for Creation:

see: Common Belief – Australia’s Faith Communities on Climate Change (The Climate Institute, 2006)

‘Common Belief’ is a compendium of statements by religious organisations and leaders, put together by The Climate Institute: “It was our hope that Australia’s faith communities could aid the broader dialogue on climate change by speaking the language of morality and of faith itself. Australia’s religions responded enthusiastically. Here, for believers by believers, is the beginning of a dialogue on the morality of climate change.

The following are an example of extracts from the statements:

  • Anglican Bishop George Browning, Climate Change – A Core Matter of Faith: “The coming of Jesus brought everything of God into the sphere of time and space, and everything of time and space into the sphere of God. All things meet together in Him: Jesus is the point of reconciliation. Therefore, if Christians believe in Jesus they must recognise that concern for climate change is not an optional extra but a core matter of faith.”
  • Baptist Union of Australia, Climate Change: Action is a Moral Imperative: “We also acknowledge that humans have often denied our interdependence with the creation and abrogated our stewardship of the creation. One major result of this is the global environmental degradation and climate change we now face. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that humans have caused much of the global warming occurring today.”
  • Catholic Earthcare, Climate Change: Future Generations Should not be Robbed: “Rapid climate change as the result of human activity is now recognized by the global scientific community as a reality. As pastors of more than a quarter of the Australian population, we urge Catholics as an essential part of their faith commitment to respond to the reality of climate change — with sound judgements and resolute action.”
  • The Uniting Church in Australia, For the Sake of the Planet and all its People: “We must acknowledge…that the Church has been complicit in the abuse of creation… Our creation of greenhouse gas emissions and our failure to plan for a sustainable future is seriously exacerbating the problems we face…If we are to meet and overcome the challenge we must think creatively about the organisation of our social and economic institutions, our relationship with each other across national and cultural boundaries and our relationship with the environment.”

Statements are also available from:

the Australian Christian Lobby, Australian Evangelical Alliance, Lutheran Church of Australia and The Salvation Army. The full text of these statements and more is available at

Other key statements

International statements

Statements are also available from:

Campaigns you can get involved in:


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